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Bronte® series

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The BRONTE® split system heat pump is our larger capacity series and the ideal solution for heating and cooling of larger spaces within your home.

Incorporating the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines, the BRONTE® heat pump features a market leading long reach airflow allowing it to efficiency deliver a powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow.

Packed with a range of convenient features including the Allergen Clear System, 3D Auto Mode and a range of timer functions, the BRONTE® heat pump is the ideal addition to any modern home.

Where to Buy

Capacity: 6.3kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK63ZRA-W

Capacity: 7.1kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK71ZRA-W

Capacity: 8.0kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK80ZRA-W

Capacity: 9.5kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK95ZRA-W